New Ultra compact MiruMod XR-4Drone v2
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New XR-4Drone v2 for AR-Drone 2.0


Here is the new ultra light, ultra compact XR-4Drone v2 powered by MiruMod.

Here are some of the new unique feature of the New XR-4Drone v2:

  • small size 0.7" x 1.6" (18mm x 41mm) and light weight 6.4grams
  • does not require wires
  • integrated Logic Level Converter and connector for drone
  • built in USB connection for software updates and SETUP mode
  • auto detection of SETUP mode when USB port is plugged into computer(no jumper required)
  • convenient connector points for GPS, I2C and remote activity LED


Power edition has a 5 pin serial connector where as the v2.0 has a 10 pin connector. Please specify which version you have, 5 pin or 10 pin.

  • Item #: XR4-2

New Ultra compact MiruMod XR-4Drone v2

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