Plug and play Mirumod Kit
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 ***ALL NEW PLUG & PLAY MiruMod for AR DRONE with Transmitter and GPS Module***

Want to get more range out of your AR-DRONE 2.0 and still having all the features of the idevice?

Do you want better control and use a true RC remote?

Look no further!!!

This NEW ultra compact design fits perfectly in the belly of the Drone. Shield will completely cover the mod without any pressure to the mod. The mod is covered with plastic shrink tubing for added protection.

Rugged and durable with no sensitive wires..


What's include:

  • Walkera Devo 7e transmitter with Trainer and USB Cable
  • XR-4Drone mod also know as the MiruMod
  • GPS Module with cable
  • Binding Plug
  • 2 pieces of velcro to hold the GPS and mod in place.

MiruMod features include:

  • ultra compact design 18mm x 41mm
  • weighs 6.4grams
  • built in Logic Level Converter and connector to drone
  • Built in USB connection for easy software updates
  • Auto Detection for SETUP Mode(NO Jumper)
  • No wires! 

Unlike most Plug and Play kits sold, the Walkera Devo 7e transmitter can hold 255 different model configurations and several protocols. This transmitter comes pre-configured to work with the XR-4Drone mod. If you do play with the settings, no need to send it back. I will provide instructions how to set it back to it's original state when it was purchased.


Important: Shipping prices may vary based on location. Please note that there may be surcharges.

  • Item #: PNPDevo7

Plug and play Mirumod Kit

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